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Try out how mining works before you buy an expensive mining rig. Be up in 5 minutes



Get paid upfront and be protected from falling coin price or increasing difficulty rate



Scale your mining operating using our power efficiency


Safe . Efficient . Profitable

Protect against the volatility of coin prices and Mining Profitability

We can match you with a counterparty to buy or sell 3 months Mining Forwards to hedge your mining returns

Trade inventory with other Miners Safely

Use our escrow services to reduce counterparty risk. We will test the rigs before releaseing the payment to sellers

Colocate at our data center powered by cheap scalable green energy

Benefit from our long term cheap power rates and energy efficient infrastructure to boost your ROI

Mining Rent Advantage

Pre Setup

Purchase guidance
Rigs at cost. No setup fees
24 hour setup (for in-stock rigs)

Post Setup

Remote Control of Rigs
Deposit Safety using MR Secure
Guaranteed no out of pocket

First in the Industry

  • patented Robotics to run man-less Data Centers
  • patented Electrical Design to consume 8% less power
  • patented auto-tuning of Rigs to deliver best results
  • MR Secure verification to ensure no lost coins

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